An Employee's Guide to the Vocabulary of Cyber Security

April 13, 2017
Employee awareness is the cornerstone of a good cyber protection program. However, the expressions associated with cybersecurity can seem foreign to many people at first. Here is a list of common...
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Email and the Human Firewall

February 24, 2017
Firewalls are designed to partition a network and define what is and is not allowed to pass through from one side to the other. They are intended to be a control gate only allowing desired...
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Healthcare and Cyber Attacks - Like Flies to Honey!

February 17, 2017
The healthcare industry has become a very attractive target for cyber attack over recent years. With the mandate for Electronic Medical Records (EMR), in addition to conversion efforts, many...
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UMass Dartmouth Threat Readiness Survey: Employees Are Not Equipped

February 16, 2017
  Interview the Expert An Interview With Dr. Timothy P. Shea Timothy Shea, D.B.A., is an Associate Professor of Management Information Systems in the Charlton College of Business at the University...
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Fake News is Not So New in Cyber Security

February 10, 2017
Biased reporting of the news is nothing new, but outright fabrication of stories by mainstream media seems to have taken on a life of it's own recently. Ironically, so-called "fake news" is also...
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Is Your Medical Data Available to Cyber Criminals?

February 03, 2017
In the mysterious world of the dark web, medical records are available for sale every day in spite of the fact that they only fetch a fraction of what a full financial record is worth. Still, they...
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The Hidden Risk in Every M&A Deal and What to do About It

February 02, 2017
Interview the Expert An Interview With Tom Burton Thomas R. Burton, III is a Partner at Mintz Levin in the Corporate & Securities Section and is the founder and chair of the firm’s Energy...
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Approaches to Cyber Security Defense Maturing, But Missing the Point?

January 27, 2017
As companies continue to develop and mature their cyber security defense capabilities, they may be missing a key point - addressing human behavior as a potential security threat. Nuix, a global...
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Quantifying Cyber Risk

January 20, 2017
There are three options for risk - mitigate, accept or transfer. But a vital element in the decision process is quantifying the cost or value loss a company would incur if a threat comes to pass....
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Board Directors' Emerging Role with Cyber Security

January 18, 2017
Interview the Expert An Interview With Rick Williams Rick is a Partner with the Newport Board Group. He advises CEOs and boards at critical decision points – especially during important...
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